New study lists Corona, Ridgewood, Glendale among neighborhoods with the most millennials in the country

New study lists Corona, Ridgewood, Glendale among neighborhoods with the most millennials in the country

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Several Queens neighborhoods rank among the nation’s leaders in millennial population, according to a new study by RENTCafe released on Monday.

The study analyzed the most recent U.S. Census data available for ZIP codes in the 30 biggest cities in the United States to determine which have seen the biggest increase in millennials over the past five years, the largest share of millennials and the highest number of total millennials.

The study defined millennials as people born between 1977 and 1996, although other studies say the generation begins in the early 1980s.

The results showed that the 11368 ZIP code, covering Corona, North Corona and Willets Point, has the highest number of millennials in Queens with approximately 40,700. Ranking second in the borough was the 11385 ZIP code of Ridgewood and Glendale with 34,700 millennial residents.

Also ranking inside the top 20 was the 11373 ZIP code of Elmhurst with 31,600 millennials, and the 11377 ZIP code of Woodside and parts of Sunnyside with 31,000 millennials.

In the other two categories, however, Queens does not crack the top 20 in millennial increase in the past five years or the share of millennials in the total ZIP code population. This could indicate that, in neighborhoods like Corona, Ridgewood and Glendale, there is a significant portion of the millennial population that is native to those areas.

To that point, the most generational growth shown by a Queens neighborhood in the past five years is in the 11103 ZIP code of Astoria, where the millennial population increased by 23.7 percent, the study shows.

Brooklyn shared a similar outlook in the study, with no neighborhoods ranking in the top 20 in millennial growth or share of the population. The borough did have several neighborhoods in the top 20 for total millennial population, and the 11211 ZIP code of Williamsburg actually has the highest number of millennials in the country with 43,700.

Along the Ridgewood border in neighboring Bushwick, the 11221 ZIP code has 31,800 millennials, the study shows.

Other parts of New York City fared much differently than Queens. In Manhattan, three ZIP codes ranked inside the top 20 of highest millennial share of the population with at least a 64 percent, according to the report. The Lincoln Square and Battery Park areas of the borough also ranked inside the top 10 of highest millennial growth with an approximately 50 percent increase over the past five years.


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