Where to Eat and Drink in Ridgewood, Queens

Where to Eat and Drink in Ridgewood, Queens

Across the Queens border just north of Bushwick lies Ridgewood. The rhomboid-shaped neighborhood at the end of the M line is roughly bounded by Flushing Avenue on the west, Metropolitan Avenue on the north, the LIRR tracks to the east, and Myrtle Avenue to the South.

Home to the Mespachtes Indians centuries ago, it was farmed by Dutch settlers in the colonial era — of which the Onderdonk House on Flushing Avenue is a remnant — and eventually taken over by English settlers. They named it Ridgewood for its climbing elevation and thick stands of linden, red cedar, and beech, now largely gone.

Throughout the 20th century it was, and still remains, one of Queens’ great working-class neighborhoods, home to Germans, Italians, Dominicans, former Yugoslavians, Chinese, Puerto Ricans, Romanians, and Poles, among others. This diversity persists, as a new generation of settlers, driven out of Williamsburg and Bushwick by high rents, crosses the border. Many have discovered that Ridgewood is a secret bastion of the most varied and reasonably priced eats and drinks in the city. Here are some favorites.


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Note: Restaurants and listed based on geography, west to east. All photos by Robert Sietsema.


Featured image courtesy of NY Daily News